So, what do you have “on tap"?

It's a question I hear all too often, working in the bar business. In my head I’m saying, “Look at the taps bro…they’re right in front of you,” but instead, my professional side comes out and I reply with a list of the beers we serve.

It’s a selection of seven different tastes, which is kind of a small selection. Imagine 100 varieties of beer…all in one place, and you can taste them all. Sounds fantastic, right?

If you are a connoisseur of beer or are developing a real taste for the finer beers, you want to be at Buffalo On Tap, Saturday, April 20 at the Convention Center in downtown Buffalo.  The fun starts at 3 p.m., but you can get an early in by purchasing a VIP ticket. Yep, that means one extra hour of fun! Check out the list of beers/breweries that will be sampling!

After looking at the list myself, I noticed a few of my favorites will be there (Stella, McSorley’s and Beck’s). Your favorites may be there as well.

So watch this video and do as the message says.

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