Ralph Wilson sent a telegram to the founder of the AFL when he decided to form a football team and it read "Count me in with Buffalo."

But, I'm glad that his original plan didn't work out. Look where he wanted the' Bills' to be located in--MIAMI!

When Ralph Wilson decided that has was going to get a football team for the AFL, he was looking at put the team in Miami because that is where he did a lot of business and the population and culture there were on the rise, but apparently the only stadium that was readily available was the Orange Bowl and ONLY college teams were to play there at that time. According to Buffalo Rumblings,

I think the problem was pro teams were not allowed in college stadiums there, which were the only ones available at the time," said Ange Coniglio of RememberTheAFL.com


So, if Miami didn't deny Wilson, would we even have a football team? There's certainly bigger cities without a team in the United States that are bigger than Buffalo. Miami denying Buffalo---may just be--the most important thing that ever happened to the Buffalo Bills.

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