The Buffalo Bills haven't won more than 10 games since Clinton was president.  Yet somehow, they are the most expensive team to root for.

Wait...what?  How did that happen?

According to, to follow the Bills for an entire season you will end up paying more than a fan of any other team in the NFL.

How do they figure?  The study looked at the prices of tickets, beer, hot dogs, transportation to the away cities, and accommodations in those places.  Yup, they include the prices for the away games too.

To follow the Bills in Orchard Park and every other city, it's going to cost an estimated $7,991.15 for the season.

Here's the rest of the top 5:

1.  Buffalo Bills, $7,991.15


2.  Houston Texans, $7,620.84


3.  Oakland Raiders, $7,292.13


4.  Detroit Lions, $7,082.55


5.  Seattle Seahawks, $7,059.66


So who is at the bottom of that list?

1.  Washington Redskins, $4,469.26


2.  Atlanta Falcons, $4,617.19


3.  New York Giants, $4,744.39


4.  Pittsburgh Steelers, $4,746.13


5.  Cincinnati Bengals, $4,919.47


The list is really pretty good.  It ranks teams on ticket prices, beer, and a bunch more.  Check it out here.


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(Photo by Liz Mantel)
(Photo by Liz Mantel)

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