Even if you can’t feel the wildfire smoke effects, you can definitely see it. 

On Wednesday, the air quality was higher than 200 around the Western New York surrounding areas (for context, any number above a 100 is poor quality). The higher the number, the more you will feel the effects, and if you have any underlying health conditions, the smoke may affect you even more so. 

People with heart or lung disease, older adults, children, and teens are advised to choose less strenuous activities (i.e. avoid running if possible), shorten your time outdoors, and consider wearing a mask. 

The wildfire smoke has been wafting through the air, into Western New York, for about two weeks now, and the wildfires continue to burn in Canada. 

It’s getting so bad that ash has been seen falling from the sky, and it’s actually changing the appearance of the moon.

It was obvious earlier this week that the moon had changed, because it had more of a reddish glow rather than the familiar paleness we normally recognize in the sky. 

Did You See The Moon Turn Red?

The moon looked like it was on fire earlier this week, and turns out it could be a result of the wildfire smoke. 

How Does Wildfire Smoke Make The Moon Turn Red?

The smoke ultimately acts like a filter on the shorter wavelengths of light created by the sun, according to WKBN meteorologist Paul Wetzl. This only allows through longer wavelengths, which are red and orange on the color spectrum. The smoke can have a similar effect on the moon, making it look yellow, orange or even red at times. 

While the moon may look cool, you should still be cautious with how much time you are spending outdoors. 

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