Over the weekend actress, Zoey Deutch was on Jimmy Fallon promoting the new Buffalo-based movie "Buffaloed" when she mentioned a certain work she claims you only hear in Buffalo.

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The word was "Jagoff" and while people here in WNY do use it, it is more of a Western PA word.

So to help Zoey out, here are 5 words/phrases you will only hear in Buffalo

1. Wings - Just wings, they are not called Buffalo Wings or Hot Wings, just wings!

2. The word "The" in front of any highway...I am sure you have been stuck in traffic on "The" 290 and you try to merge to "The" 90 before heading downtown on "The" 190 or "The" 33

3. South or Northtowns - People like to split the 716 into two areas, the Southtowns or Northtowns. If you live in Orchard Park, Elma, or anywhere south of Cheektowaga, you live in the Southtowns. If you live in Amherst, Tonawanda, or Clarence, you live in the Northtowns.

4. Weck...as in Beef on Weck - I am not sure how people outside the 716 don't know about this delicious sandwich but we will take it!

5. Loganberry - Good luck trying to find this AWESOME drink outside of WNY.

What other words would you add to our list?
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