When it comes to wings, everyone has their preference.  But most people will agree, these are easily the worst ones to get.

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The worst wings...are BROKEN wings

We love our wings in Buffalo.  Some people love flats.  Other people are wrong and love drums. But that doesn't matter.  The sauce doesn't matter.  Mild or hot, saucy or dry rubbed, fried or grilled, the worst wings you can buy are broken ones.

How many times have you been eating your wings when suddenly you hear an extra crunch in there that you weren't expecting?  That's the moment when you look down and notice that the wing you bit into is broken.  It's not a horrible thing if it's a pretty clean break but the splinters of bone in your wing just make them gross.

Where do you find the most broken wings in an order?

We were talking with some friends the other night about how we've noticed this happening more and more lately.  It's not from one place in particular either.  It seems to be happening all over the place.  Have you noticed this too?

It does seem to happen more with flats than with drums too.  Maybe because the bones on flats are so much thinner?

Why are we finding so many more broken wings these days?

Is it because the wings that are available just aren't the quality that they once were? Are the restaurants trying to use every wing that they have because they cost more to buy?

I know, it seems like something little and it only slows me down just a bit when I'm eating them, but when a single order of wings costs what it costs and even two or three of them are gross it makes you not want to order them.

Is anyone else noticing this?

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