It will cost you more for water in 2019 in the City of Buffalo. The way you think about water use is about to change!

My father was always harping on us as kids to shut the eater off when we brushed our teeth and to limit shower time.

The residents of the City of Buffalo will see at least a $5 monthly increase on their water bill in 2019.

Water and Wastes Digest reports that:

It is the first rate increase in seven years, according to Water Board officials in a written statement. The officials were not immediately available to answer how much revenue they expect to generate from the rate increases or how much money is needed to do the capital improvements and to meet the increased costs for operations and maintenance, according to The Buffalo News.

Since I have owned my own home, I find myself acting more and more like my father did. However, I do like a green lawn and probably use a little too much water during the summer months to keep things looking good around the house.

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