The skies will be lighting up over the next few nights during the Lyrid meteor shower.

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And you'll have a chance to peep the ATLAS comet as it makes its way into our view by the end of the month, but late-May will provide the closest approach of it.

WGRZ reports, "Comet ATLAS is projected to make its closest approach to Earth on May 23, followed by its closest approach to the sun on May 31."

But this week will be the peak time for the Lyrid meteor shower.

According to WGRZ, "This is the first major meteor shower since January and will bring 15 to 20 shooting stars per hour on the night of April 21 into the early hours of April 22. This year will be a particularly good year for the "Earth Day meteor shower" as it occurs on a moonless night, meaning darker skies for onlookers."


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