June is just a week away and Memorial Day Weekend is in five days. You know what that means? It's pretty much the start of summer across Western New York.

I love summertime so much. There's nothing like walking outside in nothing but shorts and a T-shirt and not having anything to do but fun activities (and we get the next three months of it). Winter was pretty brutal for 2020-2021, so I know many of us are itching to get back into the warm weather groove.

Buffalonians favorite summertime activity may just be relaxing on an outdoor patio with food and a beer. It's honestly what I do all summer long when I'm not working.

We have plenty of those places around Buffalo but sometimes you hear about the same 10-12 over and over again. Not saying those popular places aren't amazing, because they are, but there are some that don't get nearly enough credit for being summertime destinations in Western New York. Whether they're the northtowns, southtowns or in the City of Buffalo.

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Usually, they're near some body of water. Lake Erie; Lake Ontario; even by the Erie Canal. Food, beer, maybe some outdoor music, and a gorgeous view of the water all make for a one-of-a-kind summertime vibe.

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