The Buffalo Sabres are red hot!! They are currently tied for their longest winning streak at ten games!

Whether it's a come from behind win or a win in overtime, the Sabres seem to keep getting better and better at finding a way to score game wining goals.

But what else could Buffalo and Western New York use 10 more of? We asked our listeners...

  1. Months of summer
  2. Sabres wins
  3. Buffalo Bills wins
  4. Wide Receivers
  5. Snowplows
  6. Parking lots
  7. Chik-Fil-A's
  8. Tim Horton's
  9. Live Music Clubs
  10. Country Concerts

The list was actually longer than ten and as of 4:30 on Wednesday was growing. Regardless of what happens from now on, the Sabres certainly have given the fans something to get them through the long cold days of Buffalo winter.

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