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106 things to do this winter in Western New York:

  1. Sledding at Chestnut Ridge
  2. Rent an igloo at Canalside
  3. Ice skating at Canalside
  4. Make snow angels in the backyard
  5. drinking warm cider
  6. Watching fireworks over Niagara Falls
  7. Hook up smart lights in your house
  8. Get holiday decorations on clearance
  9. Use the attached garage/porch for extra refrigerator space
  10. Do the driveway shuffle to comply with winter overnight parking rules
  11. Cross country ski in Como Park
  12. Ice bumper cars at Canalside
  13. Go to a bills game in the snow
  14. Skiing at kissing bridge
  15. Take a selfie in the snow at Knox State Park
  16. Make a gingerbread house
  17. Polar express at Arcade Railroad
  18. Take your pet photo with santa
  19. Get to a Bandits game
  20. Snow Bowl at the stadium
  21. Get on a curling team
  22. Drink a Tom & Jerry
  23. Go little village shopping
  24. Make a resolution and stick to it
  25. Shovel, again
  26. See the ball drop downtown
  27. Snowshoe at Beaver Meadow
  28. Toboggan at Chestnut Ridge
  29. East Aurora Carolcade
  30. Ice bowling at Canalside
  31. Pond hockey at Riverworks
  32. Get out of the cold at Hamburg Brewing
  33. Go to the East eden tavern for country night
  34. See Niagara Falls frozen
  35. Make homemade eggnog
  36. Go steelhead trout ice fishing
  37. X-country skiing at Bryncliff
  38. See the ice dunes along the lake
  39. Use your remote car starter
  40. Make homemade hot chocolate
  41. Binge watch an entire TV series
  42. Go to Vidlers
  43. Organize your closets, finally
  44. Book a spring break ticket
  45. Get taste of country tickets
  46. Great Gorge Scenic Overlook Hike
  47. See the Fairgrounds Festival of Lights
  48. Cruise the Niagara Wine Trail
  49. Castle by Candlelight at Old Fort Niagara
  50. Run a winter 5K
  51. Kick the salt off the back of your tires
  52. Change your windshield wipers
  53. Enjoy a vacation from picking up dog poop from your yard
  54. Go to the science museum
  55. Pancake breakfast
  56. Plan your Buffalo Bills Superbowl party
  57. Maintain a sense of denial about your credit card bills
  58. Spend 4 hours in a holiday return line
  59. Roadtrip to the Corning Museum of Glass
  60. Make mulled wine
  61. Wash your car on every sunny day
  62. Snowmobiling
  63. Sledding at Sprague Brook Hill
  64. Take up knitting
  65. Have a staycation at a hotel with an indoor pool
  66. Catch a UB Bulls basketball game
  67. Try a new hair color
  68. Go to Splash Lagoon over Presdients Day Weekend
  69. Have a chili cookoff
  70. Get acquainted with your recipe for your new Instant Pot
  71. Host a game night
  72. Bowling
  73. Make snow cones out of real snow
  74. Build a snow fort
  75. Have a snowball fight
  76. Redecorate a room in your house
  77. Cold weather science experiments
  78. Pray for a snow day from school
  79. Take a sleighride
  80. Get a makeover
  81. Chestnut ridge park winterfest
  82. Hang with the polar bears at the Buffalo Zoo
  83. Take a winter walk in Delaware Park
  84. Feed the birds on the Reinstein Nature trail
  85. Put your feet in breadbags before you put your boots on
  86. Enable the WYRK skill on your new Alexa speaker
  87. See the Christmas lights on Stony Brook Drive in Lancaster
  88. Get some snuggle time with your favorite snuggle partner
  89. organize Christmas wrapping paper
  90. Put away Christmas lights in an orderly fashion for next year
  91. Try a new drink recipe
  92. Warm up with a shot of Krupnik at Buffalo Distilling
  93. Try a new restaurant in your town
  94. Have an indoor dance party
  95. Join a gym
  96. Do a winter-themed family photo shoot
  97. Go to the Bills store to get playoff gear
  98. Ask everyone, "how about this weather?"
  99. Dress your dog/children up in funny outfits for Instagram
  100. Organize a pot-luck dinner
  101. Comment on how long January has been going on
  102. Make plans to see a Bills playoff game
  103. Get a head start on spring cleaning and make a big donation to charity
  104. Organize your kids' new Christmas toys
  105. Have a spa day at Spa 400
  106. Go to a Sabres theme night
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