You probably see some of the craziest things when driving around Western New York, or waiting at a stoplight, or leaving a parking lot after a Bills game. But some of the most unique things that you see while on the road are not necessarily the way people drive, as much as the things that are in their vehicle.

The rear-view mirror seems to have become a place to store things, or hang things ,out of convenience or perhaps out of style. But did you know, that obstructing the view on your windshield by hanging something on your rear-view mirror may actually be breaking a vehicle in traffic law?

I have noticed a few things around western New York that people hang on the rear-view mirror and we asked a few listeners what they have seen and came up with a list of some pretty unique items and some that are not so unique that people hanging from the rear-view mirror.

12 Things We Hang From Rear-view Mirror But Shouldn't

The item that we see most hanging from the rear-view mirror seems to be a parking tag/handicap tag. Most of the law-enforcement officials you speak to will tell you that it is a good idea to leave that stored away in your vehicle and then hang it once you are parked. It is a definite obstruction of your view when you were driving around because of the size of your parking tag.

But some of the items that are on the list are actually sold with the intention of being able to be hung on your mirror. For example fuzzy dice and air fresheners. Graduation hat tassels, bandannas, headphones and other items are all some of the things we have seen Dangling over dashboards while driving around western New York.

While some of them may be trendy or cool, some of them have only popped up recently and rear-view mirrors. For example, and 95 or other masks that people are using during the COVID pandemic. The thing that keeps you safe from bacteria in the air, may also be dangerous for you while driving around town. Perhaps it’s time to start using your glove box more often as a place to store these things not just a place to keep the owner’s manual for your vehicle?

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