I have a friend coming into town from northern Ontario this spring and I'm thinking of just how much of Buffalo cuisine I can showcase to him.

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To be honest, one can probably overdue the food tour in Buffalo but that's because we have so many unique foods that are Buffalo staples.

Here are 12 foods that every Buffalo native needs to showcase to out-of-town visitors.


Naturally. Dozens of places make awesome wings, but suggest Bar-Bill.

Beef on Weck

I wasn't until I hit my teens that I realized this foods was really just in Buffalo! Schwabl's is great place to stop.

Buffalo-style pizza

It's not New York City style, nope. Slightly thicker crust. Plenty of cheese. Cup-and-char pepperoni and sweet sauce. Bocce, Piccaso's or Imperial are my suggestions.

Sponge Candy

The favorite candy for many Buffalonians and once again, not a foods you'll find just anywhere. I suggest Antionette's but really anywhere is a great stop for sponge candy here.

Pizza Logs

Pizza logs are so good -- these should be worldwide famous in my opinion. The original pizza logs for sure.

Ted's Hot Dogs

Charbroiled hot dogs are the way to go around here. Ted's makes Sahlen's, which is the hot dog for every Buffalonian.

Chicken Finger Subs

Not the healthiest food in the world but so, so delicious. John & Mary's but Jim's version if one of their staples.

Mighty Taco

It's one of the places you go at midnight when not much is open with a few friends and load up on medium sauce hard shells with a loganberry.


Most locals are brought up on this drink as a kid and it never gets old.


Chiavetta's chicken can be smelt for miles in the spring and summertime in Western New York.

Fish Fry

Friday fish fries here are a requirement for many, even when it's not lent!

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