These 4 people would for sure have to be in the running.

Every year in Buffalo, 43 North hosts a competition that has businesses who need help pitch to 'big wigs' and the winner gets $1 million and has to stay in Buffalo for one year. The 2018 winner was SomaDetect which provides dairy farmers with important milk quality indicators.

It's essentially Shark Tank, but for Buffalo, but the judges just give away money they don't invest.

IF THERE WAS A BUFFALO SHARK TANK,  Who would you have on the panel? Who would be the 5th? 

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    Kim Pegula

    She would just be way better than Terry on something like this.

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    Russ Salvatore

    The guy 100% needs to be one of the Sharks. He's a character and he tells it how it is.

    1.) Have you ever had a conversation or seen his commercials?

    2.) He has his final resting place set up for years outside of his restaurant.

    He's a legend,

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    Robby Takac

    The guy lives, eats and breathes Buffalo. It would be an interesting dynamic to say the least let alone see him argue with Kim Pegula over a contestant.

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    Carl Paladino

    Ratings, people.....ratings.

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