Last night was probably one of the best nights to attend a Buffalo Sabres game.  The night began with former Sabre...... Danny Gare emceeing the 2012 Sabres Hall of Fame ceremony.  Inducted this year....Dale Hawerchuk ( 5 seasons with the team in the 90's) and Rick Jeanneret ( do I need to remind you).  For me that was the highlight of the night......don't get me wrong, the 6-5 overtime win over Winnipeg was great, but listening to Jeanneret talk about the city, the organization, his family and his job....that was awesome.  Gotta admit, I teared up......I get emotional when people are speaking form the heart and talking proud about Buffalo.  We have no idea how lucky we are to have Rick Jeanneret as the voice of our team and what it will be like without him when he chooses to vacate the seat.  ( I feel the same way about former Bills broadcaster Van Miller....broadcasts are not the same).

In honor of a ridiculously good play-by-play guy and a man well deserved of being a part of the Sabres Hall of Fame.......Here is a tribute to Rick Jeanneret!