Since it's 2020, if you're single, you're probably using an app (or five) in your search for Mr. or Ms. Right. Since your photo is the first thing anyone is making a judgement based on, you want to put your best selfie forward.

Lifehacker offers the following six rules:

  1. "Don’t have only one photo.

  2. Don’t only show photos of your face (you need at least one full body pic).

  3. Don’t use photos that are more than three years old if you can help it. Definitely don’t use photos that are more than five years old.

  4. Don’t have photos without you in them (you’d be surprised).

  5. Don’t cover your face in every photo (sunglasses, hands, coffee, etc.).

  6. Don’t post group photos unless you can clearly point out who you are."

If I can add a few more rules, here are my six:

1. No photos with fish. I never understood why there were so many?

2. No photos that aren't actually you (stuff we've seen: "This photo looks sort of like me." OK dude.)

3. Nothing heavily photoshopped or excessive use of filters. We know you don't have that dewy complexion in real life.

4. No guns. Ladies like to think that our future first date doesn't already have on-hand a way to kill us, should he turn out to be a killer (absolutely a girl's first thought on every Tinder date).

5. Less photos of you doing outdoor stuff. We're exhausted already by the time we get to photo 3.

6. More photos of your dog(s). Really, we're swiping just to look at other people's dogs anyhow.


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