Chances are tomorrow morning you will find yourself up way earlier then normal and chances are something will go wrong or will be missing.

According to HGTV, here are 8 simple hacks to make sure Christmas morning goes smooth.

Slow Cooker Style

Instead of trying to break from the excitement to cook a wholesome, filling breakfast for everyone, toss one in the slow cooker the night before and thank yourself Christmas morning.

Hide a Bag

After all the gifts have been opened, the mess of paper and packaging left on the floor is overwhelming. Avoid the massive cleanup by storing a bag under the tree and tucking trash in it as you go.

Stash Some Scissors

Somehow, scissors are nowhere to be found when gifts have stubborn packaging. Stash some nearby on Christmas morning so everything keeps moving without a hitch.

Don’t Forget the Batteries

Much like scissors, batteries can be quite evasive on Christmas morning. These days, toys are pretty unexciting without them. Give gifts like a pro by popping batteries into toys before you wrap them. If that isn’t possible, at least be sure to have a pack of the correct batteries on hand.

Coffee on Tap

Fiddling with coffee grounds and water and having to wait for the coffee to brew is just another avoidable hiccup on Christmas morning. Load the coffeemaker the night before and set its timer to wake up to that glorious aroma.

No More Mess

With all the commotion and gifts, it’s easy for spills to happen. Play it safe by using sippy cups and travel mugs and avoid the cleanup of your favorite (now-broken) coffee mug.

Cued-Up Classics

Instead of searching the internet for the perfect Christmas playlist, get the party started with no delay by having your favorites already cued up.

Thank You Cards Made Easy

Ensure no thank you notes go forgotten by snapping pics of each gift and card with its new owner. This not only makes it memorable when it comes time to write them, but the picture is the perfect special addition to the card itself.

Of course, you should try to get to bed early tonight because you know the kids will be ready to go bright and early!!


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