The Broadway Market is a tradition for many Buffalonians during Easter but it can be empty other times of the year. Hopefully that will change with potential new hours and other facets of the market.

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According to WGRZ, the new Fillmore District representative on the Buffalo Common Council, Mitch Nowakowski is looking to bring back the Broadway Market.

When asked what he wants to see changed a year from now in regards to the Broadway Market:

"That it's open longer hours, and that we then see facade changes, and we see more excitement and construction happening at the Broadway Market," says Nowakowski.

Just last year, four million dollars was awarded from Governor Andrew Cuomo to come up with a master plan and pay for capital investments, to make the Broadway Market a "year-round" destination.

There's a decent chance the Broadway Market looks a whole lot different a year from now.

Read the full story at WGRZ.

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