The NFL playoffs are set and as was expected going into week 18, the neutral site AFC Championship game is on the table.

The Kansas City Chiefs got the 1 seed in the AFC and the bye week, while the Buffalo Bills got the 2 seed and will play in Wild Card weekend.

The Bills and Cincinnati Bengals played one less game because of their Monday Night Football game being cancelled, due to the medical event with Bills safety Damar Hamlin.

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The Chiefs won their final two games, which meant the Bengals would not have gotten the 1 seed regardless if they had won that game, but because the Bills won their final regular season game against New England, a potential Bills-Chiefs AFC Championship game will be played at a neutral site field. Neither team would be considered the home team.

The Bills were 13-3, while the Chiefs were 14-3. The Bills beat the Chiefs in October,.

But where would that AFC Championship game be played?

Most think a dome is likely, which would probably be accurate, but Ian Rapoport of The NFL Network said on Sunday that Pittsburgh is an option for the league, who is considering an outdoor venue.

Indianapolis and Detroit are not being considered, because both stadiums are booked. Detroit is replacing their field turf, while Indianapolis is hosting a volleyball tournament at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Pittsburgh would benefit the Bills more, because it's only three hours from Buffalo. However, domes still seem like a good bet.

Here are five potential options for a neutral site AFC Championship game, between the Bills and Chiefs.

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