Despite the fact the NFL season ended nearly two months ago, the league news and storylines are still flying around the world of sports. In fact, you could argue March and April is one of the busiest stretches of the NFL calendar year.

One of the topics that have been floated around for the last several years is the likelihood of the NFL adopting a 17-game regular-season schedule. That 17-game schedule is looking likely to begin this year.

According to ESPN Senior NFL Insider Adam Schefter, the league is expected to officially expand the schedule to 17 games. It will be the first time the schedule has changed since 1978 when they went from 14 to 16 games.

Longtime NFL writer Peter King of NBC Sports reported that the NFL will likely switch conferences each year, with the AFC getting the extra home game in 2021. It would be NFC at the AFC. It would then be the team's 2020 division placement matching up against the opposite conference counterpart.

For example, the Bills finished first in the AFC East in 2020. The Washington Football Team finished first in the NFC East. That means Washington would play at Buffalo for the 17th game of the regular season.

There's another cool aspect of all this. Washington signed former Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick this offseason to be their starting QB in 2021. That's right, Fitz would be coming back to Orchard Park (at least one last time) to play the Bills.

Again, this is all likely based on reports by folks like Schefter and King, but it's probably okay to assume we will have 17 games in 2021 and the Bills will get an extra home game.

...oh, and the NFL Draft is exactly one month away. The NFL offseason has only just begun!

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