Buffalo Bills fans are worried about Josh Allen getting COVID-19 before a big matchup between the Bills and New England Patriots this Sunday in Foxborough.

Right on the heels of Cole Beasley getting placed on the COVID-19 list, fans started getting nervous because Josh Allen's girlfriend was hanging out with Beasley's wife on Sunday at Highmark Stadium.

Cole Beasley (and his wife) are outspoken when it comes to the COVID vaccine. He is not a supporter of the vaccine and now that he has the virus, some fans were speculating that Cole may have given it to his wife, and his wife was with Josh's girlfriend.

We have all done this before. We play this big 'what if' game and we try and we make a connection: well if this person got it and was around this person, who was around this person, they could have it. It's a stretch. But, it is also the world that we are currently living in right now.

But, it seems as though Josh Allen is vaccinated, though. Josh, along with Harrison Phillips and Jerry Hughes went to see Hamilton at Shea's last week. You have to be vaccinated to see Hamilton” at Shea’s, so unless someone 'looked the other way' when they made their way in.

There are so many COVID situations going on around the NFL and the league actually moved 2 games to this past Tuesday night. Sunday's Bills and Patriots game this Sunday is still on as scheduled, with a win, the Bills will take the lead in the AFC East.

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