The Buffalo Bills may have lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in London, but it was an unforgettable experience for so many Bills fans. 

In fact, many Bills fans that were in attendance for the London game were actually Western New York natives. Whether they still live in Western New York and made the trip for the game or they moved to England later on in life, you could not hide the fact that London, England was decked out in fans wearing red, white, and blue.

We may be America’s Team, but England may like us just as much. 

The Buffalo Bills played on October 8th at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which is the largest club stadium in London with a seating capacity of 62,850. It is also regarded as the third largest football stadium in London, and it was full of Bills fans on Sunday. 

In case you were unable to make the London game this time around, you have to see some of these fan photos of the Bills Mafia in London over the weekend. 

Take a look below at some of the game pictures, and relish in our Buffalo pride! 

Best Photos Of Bills Fans In London, England

It has been years since the Buffalo Bills traveled to London for a game, and tons of people from the Bills Mafia made the trip to watch them play!

Gallery Credit: Getty Images

The official social media account of the Buffalo Bills also shared a few videos to show how loud it was for our favorite football team. 

There was also a video posted before the day of the game that showed the amount of people who were in London and backing the Bills. 

While not everyone may have been able to go to a game, it was an experience that Bills fans will never forget. Hopefully, our next London game…we can pull away with a win. 

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