Call me crazy if you will but I couldn't be happier to introduce you to yet another member of our family.  Meet Minnie Pearl.

Yes.  We got another dog.  And I'm sooo excited about it.

I have always wanted an English Bulldog.  When I was looking for our first family dog though, there was no way I could afford one.  They cost about $1500-$1800 to buy. That's actually how I stumbled upon Boston Terriers.  Bostons came from the breeding of English Bulldogs with English White Terriers.  That is where my friendship with my buddy Tucker came from.

I'm proud to say that I never gave that money to a breeder, and now even more so.  Since discovering rescue groups like Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue where we got our Gerti from and now Rebel Riders Rescue, I'll never give money to a breeder again.

I am proud to say that beautiful Minnie Pearl is a rescue.  She came from a puppy mill and I promise that she will never suffer again.

How bad can it be in a puppy mill?  That's what I used to ask myself.  The answer is, it's bad.  Real bad.

Do you know why bulldogs are so expensive?  One big reason is that almost all bulldogs are born by c-section.  Essentially their heads are too big to fit through the birth canal and could cause major problems for both the puppy and the mama.  So in many cases, a c-section has to happen.

Many of these dogs are kept in unheated rooms and are bred over and over again.  In Minnie's case, she is only 1 1/2 years old, they found 5 c-section scars.  They get little to no interaction with humans or each other as they're kept in cages nearly 24/7.  They live their lives making puppies that will just be sold off and then the cycle begins again until they no longer provide litters for the millers.  Then they simply dispose of the mamas.

But that's not the case anymore for our Minnie Pearl.  She joined our family last night and will be with us from here on out.   She'll never be cold, or hungry, or mistreated ever again.

While a lot of people are probably asking, "REALLY?  ANOTHER dog??"

Yup.  We would take all of the dogs if we could.  They make us very happy and we have plenty of love for them.

Welcome to the family Minnie.  Gerti and Frank can't wait to play with you.

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