Love is in the air! Isn’t that what they say?

While you may be off to tailgate ahead of the Bills #SquishingTheFish, there may be a special someone that catches your eye (and I don't mean Pinto Ron).

Someone may look at you and you just know you have to talk to them....but what do you say?

It is cuffing season all across America, and if you are looking to find someone to keep you warm for the holidays, you may have to look in one of the coldest places. 

A tailgate for the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo, New York. 

Through rain, snow, sleet, or hail, we always show up for our hometown team, so if “love is in the air,” then it can most definitely be found at one of our tailgates. 

Why not find someone who roots for your favorite football team? Your first date could be a Bills game, after all. It’s perfect!

However, if you’re planning to meet someone at a Buffalo Bills tailgate, you may want to step up your game. Give them the woo factor by using a clever Buffalo Bills-themed pick-up line that is sure to give you a second glance. 

11 Buffalo Bills-Themed Pick-Up Lines

These pick-up lines are perfect for that person that takes your breath away at the next tailgate. Try one of these and you may just land their phone number! 

  1. Can you sign my jersey with your name and number?
  2. May I borrow your shovel? I'm Digging you!
  3. I took my shot with you but missed.... wide right.
  4. I think I need security because your beauty KNOX me back.......
  5. Hey, come sit at my table, I promise it'll be a smashing good time
  6. Hey what's your sign? Cause I can see me hurdling over you.
  7. I can make you shout like the buffalo bills.
  8. I'll be Josh you be Diggs ; i make a pass at you then we SCORE.
  9. Did you used to be a buffalo Jill for the Buffalo Bills? Come on home with me and show me some of your cheers.
  10. Are you Sean McDermott? Cuz you can tell me what to do all day.
  11. I really Digg you and I'm not Joshing

I mean, if someone walked up to me and dropped pick-up line #4, I would be weak at the knees. 

Use at your discretion, and here’s to cuffing season! Good luck, and go Bills!

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