The last two weeks have been challenging for Engine 2, but that didn’t stop them from responding to a unique call for help this week. 

Four firefighters responded to a call from a homeless woman on the street corner of Plymouth and Porter in Buffalo, New York. 

The woman was in active labor and was struggling to stand up. According to WGRZ, she was “clinging onto a one-way sign for dear life,” when Engine 2 arrived. 

Without hesitation, the Engine 2 team rushed to aid the woman, and they ended up delivering her baby right on the sidewalk with an oxygen mask and delivery gloves. 

One of the firefighters who was present at the scene had noticed that the baby’s head was already visible, which caused the four-person squad to immediately jump into action. 

The firefighters managed to create a makeshift delivery room on the side of the road, delivering and swaddling the baby in a blanket until an ambulance arrived. 

Just two weeks ago, Engine 2 lost one of their own. Firefighter Jason Arno died in the line of duty in a 4 alarm fire in Buffalo on March 1st. He was a 3 year veteran, and he leaves behind his wife Sarah and his daughter Olivia. 

Engine 2 Buffalo Firefighter Tyler Barrie described the feeling to WGRZ. He said, “You lose one brother but then you bring in another life in the world that's pretty awesome.”

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