Next time you go to a hockey game, you may notice a new addition to your team. 

A new mascot!

The Buffalo Beauts made history when they were the first professional women’s hockey team in the NWHL to introduce a mascot back in 2016.

Their first-ever mascot was a buffalo who goes by the name of “KRUSHER.” 

KRUSHER flexed a silver crown on top of its head and wore a Beauts jersey, but now it looks like KRUSHER has passed the torch to the next mascot.

Bleu C. Beaut, otherwise known as Bleu for short, was selected as the new mascot after the team looked at a bunch of suggestions. 

Camryn Fioriani is the one who came up with the name, and after a series of fan voting, it became one of the top choices.

After looking at the remaining options, it was a clear choice to select Fioriani’s suggestion.

After 7 years with the same mascots, the Beauts decided it was time to switch it up, but what is the significance behind Bleu’s name?

Bleu’s name is representative of “a commonality among Buffalonians and the manner of spelling shares similarities with the word ‘Beaut,’” GM Nate Oliver told WGRZ

It’s no secret that the Buffalo Beauts have #BuffaloPride. After all, they sport the Flag of Buffalo on their emblem. 

And when you think about how much we love Bleu cheese, it’s kind of a no brainer.

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