If the warm weather has your “vacation mode” activated, then you probably have already considered a trip to Florida this summer. And while vacationing is fun and all, there is one thing that Western New Yorkers miss the most when they travel – the food. 

Fortunately, the next time that you travel to Florida, you won’t spend any time missing the great food that Buffalo has to offer, because a newly-opened restaurant in Florida is every Buffalo resident’s dream!

The newest restaurant to Florida is entirely Buffalo-themed, and anyone who has tried the food in Buffalo, from wings to beef on weck and beyond, knows that we do it best. So it’s not too surprising that a restaurant would open featuring all of Buffalo’s classic foods! 

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The restaurant is called Buffalo Grill, and it is located at 1021 Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach, FL. It has so many Buffalo features to it, including several signs that boost Buffalo pride in our sports teams (such as the Bandits, Sabres, and the Bills), a Buffalo statue, and more! 

Take a look at some of the pictures below. 

The owners, Fred Mallone and Bill Wagner, are excited to open up their own piece of Buffalo down in Fort Myers Beach. 

The restaurant opened in mid-May and it has seen early success! Wagner said, “There is a huge WNY contingency in southwest Florida that craves home town flavors. We wanted to bring that here and provide the community a new and exciting place after the devastation from Hurricane Ian. “

“We can’t change the past,” Wagner said. “But we can help them rebuild a little part of the future.”

The feedback for the restaurant so far has been great! Next time you are visiting Fort Myers Beach, make sure you plan to have lunch at the Buffalo Grill! 

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