Take a look at this car that was driving down Abbott Road by Ridge in Lackawanna recently.  The white car is seen driving down Abbott with seven 2x4 pieces of wood sticking out of all of its windows.

Maybe the driver didn't know that you can put the seats down and put the lumber through the trunk. Maybe the trunk is filled with other supplies. Or maybe the trunk just doesn't even open. Either way, it is quite a sight to see.

You have to give the person credit though. If there is a will there's a way. At least they're putting in the hard work and trying to do it themselves. I've been there before. So, as entertaining as this picture is I kind of FELT IT, too.

When I first bought a house I was in my mid-20s and strapped for cash. I did not have the money to pay people to do projects and renovations so I had to do them all by myself. I had a car instead of an SUV when I was doing all of these projects. Therefore, I also had some wild arrangements when it came to getting supplies from the store to my house.

I give whoever this is credit. Good job for trying to do it yourself.

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