The Holidays are all about family and for one family in Lakeview, NY, this year will be one they won't forget. After opening a message on Facebook, Mike Schmitt is planning on seeing his daughter, Dallas, for the first time.

Mike lived in Georgia in the 1990's. He and his ex fiance went their separate ways but have a daughter together.

A Christmas Miracle And Blessing For A Lakeview Family

It's a meeting that has been in the making for 28 years!

After searching and trying for nearly three decades, Dallas decided to reach out to Mike. Mike tells me that, based on lengthy conversations between the two, they confirmed that the two are in fact, family. Can you imagine the emotions that you would be going through? Meeting your child or parent for the first time ever?!

The Holidays are tough in many ways. The truth is, there are some families who, for whatever reason, can't seem to get along or have not spoken to each other in years. Perhaps this is the type of story that will inspire them to mend fences or at least lay the groundwork for some sort of new beginning for you and the family.

A big thank you and good luck to Mike and Dallas. The reunion is planned for a few days just before Christmas. Of all the things that a person could hope for or ask for from Santa Claus, this gift is truly a Christmas miracle! I have known Mike for years and when we heard the news we were blown away with excitement for him!

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