There has never been a better time than now to do the things you always loved to do but either didn’t have time, or the nerve to do.
When was the last time you climbed a tree? Being in a tree stand doesn’t count.
I mean the last time you found a tree with lots of limbs and started to see how high you could go? When does that ever stop being fun?

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If you are like most, it was probably when you either learned the risks the hard way or watched someone else do it.  Or perhaps you gave it up because you just grew out of it and needed more excitement than an old tree could offer.
Hank, our nearly 4 year old, was climbing a tree outback when I was doing some chores around the house.  I took my eye off him for a second and like most boys his age, he was already on the first limb before I figured out when he was doing.

My first reaction was to warn him to “be careful buddy!” Like I do when I am worried or want to turn his attention to something else more secure.
But it hit me that I have learned something in the last two weeks. With all of the fear of COVID and the dark days that so many people are facing, I need to allow our boys to be just that, little boys.

Billy Dean has a song called “Let Them Be Little.” And I think it is such a great reminder that with everything that is going on, I want our boys to experience life from THEIR perspective. Not mine.  And certainly not from a place of fear.

Things like climbing a tree made you feel free when you were a kid.  Made you feel like you had superpowers. Perhaps you did fall and you learned your limits. But it was all on YOUR own and from your own perspective.

I decided to climb a tree in our woods later that afternoon. I’m not as agile as a 4 year old, but it made me appreciate some of the things that being an adult in 2020 has started to take away from me. Life can’t always be seen from a place of fear and we can’t always worry that every branch is going to break and send us tumbling. We need to have faith in ourselves and appreciate the things that bring out that same courage we had when we were kids.

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