Heavy rain and flash flooding have forced authorities in Colorado to evacuate residents in the town of Boulder and surrounding areas. Three people have died so far, and another is missing.

The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings through Friday evening for the area, which has already been hit with as much as 15 inches of rain in the last few days. Along with Boulder, residents of Longmont, Lyons, Loveland and Eldorado Springs have been asked to seek higher ground or to evacuate fully until waters recede.

"Those evacuations are the highest priority," said Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. President Obama has approved federal disaster aid for the area.

"This is more like something out of the Bible. I saw one of my neighbors building an ark," joked Howard Wachtel as he waited for someone to give him a ride to a gas station so he could refuel his generator, which he needed to pump water out of his basement.

Google has published a Crisis Response Map for those affected by the flooding in and near Boulder. For a full list of road closures in Northern Colorado, visit here.

For further images from the flooding in town near Boulder, you can find them here: