It looks like the rumblings are beginning about the possibility of bringing the Festival of Lights back to Niagara Falls. While nothing is set in stone, seeing the success across the boarder in Ontario with their similar event, a few people on the tourism board think it would be great for the city if they could find a few deep pockets to help fund the return of the festival.

According to The Buffalo News:

"(Tourism)Board member Gay Molnar said the board unsuccessfully tried to recruit sponsors three years ago to revive its festival. Molnar said the board needs to have a business plan for the event."

Hopefully, they will be able to work something out because having a nice draw to Niagara Falls would be wonderful for the growth and continued success in the area. I know that a go to spot for many tourist in the warmer months is The Falls, but having a cool reason to go in the colder months could draw more local tourism as well as out-of-towners.




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