New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, a shotgun owner, is pushing for New York to become the first state to push major new gun laws stemming from the events of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Today, he plans to propose plans to propose one of the country’s most restrictive bans on weapons.

Cuomo is really trying to make some drastic moves in New York as he describes that the existing laws in New York is like having “more holes than Swiss cheese." Ironically, New York is already one of seven states that already ban some assault weapons.

Now, to be clear it is not his intention to have every gun under this law. Cuomo’s goal is to broaden the number of guns that will be illegal under the new laws and make it harder to gun manufacturers to make small changes in production to the gun to beat around the new laws.

What happens if you already have one? Well, Cuomo is so dedicated to the reassurance that a tragedies 2012 such as Newtown, Colorado and more do not happen, he is even proposing the idea that after the new laws, guns that are illegal be confiscated.

“But gun rights groups have seized on the comment, even promoting a petition on the Web site of the White House that declares, 'We do not live in Nazi Germany,' and asks the Obama administration to block any effort at confiscation by Mr. Cuomo," according to MSNBC.

Cuomo has been trying to negotiate the push for these new, much stricter laws since the Sandy Hook incident even calling special sessions with legislative leaders in Albany. Today will be the most important meeting thus far in the push for new laws.

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Another issue regarding the purchasing of guns in New York has been the mental health status of gun purchasers. Gov. Cuomo but also proposing more expansive use of mental health records in background checks of gun buyers

New York already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but the debate over new restrictions reflects a significant change in the national conversation over guns.