De'Andre Hopkins isn't hiding it anymore.  He loves the Buffalo Bills and there's no doubt it's because Josh Allen is here.

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Just about the time we thought that the chance to snag De'Andre Hopkins on the Bills was over, he makes a statement that will keep hopeful Bills fans on the edge of their seats.

Are the Bills still missing a piece of the team to make them complete?

There are some that would argue that the Bills are still missing an explosive #2 receiver to compliment Stefon Diggs in their receiving corps.  Leading up to the draft, many Bills fans thought for sure that the Bills were going to go out and trade for veteran wide receiver De'Andre Hopkins.  He's a seasoned vet and a proven weapon and he was dropping some rather cryptic hints that he would like to join the Bills.

Then the Bills drafted Dalton Kincaid.

Sure, he's a tight end and doesn't play the same role as Hopkins, but the Bills have said not to think of him that way.  Instead, think of him as a weapon.  He's another pass catcher for Josh Allen.  Many thought that was it for the chance to get Hopkins on the team.

Hopkins still says he'd love to catch footballs from Josh Allen

Hopkins was on the I Am Athlete podcast with Brandon Marshall and was asked, "If you had a list that said, these are some dope quarterbacks that I would love to throw me the ball, the second part of my career"

He was asked for a list, and the first one that he mentioned was easily Josh Allen.

So why isn't De'Andre Hopkins on the Bills yet?

The easiest answer would be that the Bills just don't have the money to offer right now.  After signing Josh Allen, Von Miller, and other players to contract extensions, the Bills are up against the cap.  As much as they'd probably like to have him on the team, they're probably not going to be able to pay him what he wants and deserves as a veteran in this league.

Will it ever happen?  You never know.  Players have been known to take huge discounts to play on teams that they love.  We will just have to wait and see what happens next with De'Andre Hopkins.


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