Hopefully, by now, everyone has heard about or purchased lunch from a local food truck.  Whether it's Lloyd's tacos, Roaming Buffalo's burgers or R&R's barbecue.  The idea of a truck that serves food is a fresh alternative to sitting in dining rooms.  Plus they bring good cookin' to the streets, so you aren't forced into buying "street meat." (see corners in downtown BFLO....not hatin' on them....they are good when you need a fix!!)

The food truck craze is such a focus in Buffalo, that a competition was set up to feature the foods that these trucks serve, with all proceeds going to help the homeless. "Buffalo's Best Food Truck Contest" was all set to go on at the Boulevard Mall this Saturday.....then the town of Amherst jumped in., saying that town rules require a 100- dollar permit fee for each truck.  After hearing that, many of the food trucks backed out and the competition was all but finished.  Luckily, a generous local merchant decided to foot the bill for all 7 food trucks to participate( $700.00) and now the show will go on!!

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