This video may be not suitable for everyone! A car that was part of a drag race went out of control and lands in the spectators area! According to the post on YouTube, the driver and the fan involved are going to be OK.

It has been a long time since we have been able to see a tractor pull in person. With COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines being lifted and eased, perhaps outdoor events will be here in 2021? The organizers of these events go out of their way to put safety first. But every now and again, machines break and things go wrong. I remember seeing parts fly off of tractors that years ago could have landed in the fan seating area. The rules have changed and the tractors are equipped with safety features that are in place to keep any broken part from being ejected from the tractors.

This is also a great reminder that when you attend any outdoor or indoor sporting event, pay attention to what is happening. Whether it is a fly ball in a ballpark or some sort of accident in motorsports, things can go wrong occasionally.

According to an article from TMZ:

Amber Garner was struck by the car -- and quite honestly, it's a miracle she's alive.

"As soon as it did hit me, I guess I fell on the ground -- I blacked out, so I don’t know exactly," Amber told FOX 8.

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