Hey, look at you, with your four-wheel drive. All four of your wheels are getting that extra power from your engine, improving your traction and steer control. That’s really great; I am happy for you. 

Your 4WD, as I am sure you know, helps your vehicle accelerate in slippery conditions after stopping at a red light or a stop light.  

However, just because you can get going quickly doesn’t mean that you have to be in a hurry. 

While I understand that you may not enjoy being stuck behind someone going 15 under the speed limit, the roads are still icy and snow is still coming down. Not everyone has 4WD like you, and the driver in front of you may not have the experience (like you do) when it comes to driving in these conditions.

Traveling on the 33 this weekend, I was taking the proper precautions for driving a 2WD vehicle that has never been driven in a snowstorm before. But someone with a nice 4WD truck whips around me in the left lane, blaring their horn as if I am in the wrong for driving cautiously. 

I saw a post on social media recently, and I think every driver in Western New York should read this. 

“A quick reminder to those concerned with slower drivers in poor conditions this winter: 

  • That driver could be a 16 or 17 year old, new driver, experiencing snow for the first time behind the wheel, and just doing their best to make it home from school or work. 
  • The van in front of you might be a carpool full of kiddos with a concerned driver doing what they can to protect young life in their care. 
  • The driver could be exhausted from working extra overtime to afford proper tires for the season. 
  • Maybe the driver was not as safe as before, and got into a crash the last time it snowed, so they are a little apprehensive and playing it safe this time to not repeat mistakes. 

Regardless of who is driving or in the vehicle, a little patience and consideration goes a long way in keeping everyone safe. We are all doing our best; that just looks a little different for each of us.”

You just never know if that slow driver is being cautious because it’s their first time driving in a storm, maybe the driver is newly licensed, or there is a Baby on Board! Regardless of the reason, it would be nice if the better equipped drivers, like those with 4WD, could have a little grace and patience when it comes to traveling in extreme weather conditions. 

Thank you, and go Bills.

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