Easter is right around the corner, and if you’re filling up your Easter baskets, there’s quite a few local businesses that are perfect for that! 

The Easter Bunny will be busy making the rounds, leaving eggs and baskets around Western New York, but sometimes it’s nice to get your friend an Easter basket, or a family member or a loved one, just to show that you love and appreciate them! 

If you are planning to put together an Easter basket for your friend or coworker, there are a few places you can go – and guess what? They’re local!

You can see the top 10 places for Easter shopping below. 

The 10 Best Places To Shop When Filling Easter Baskets In WNY

I think what makes these places so special is not only are they locally owned, but they also have unique gifts for Western New Yorkers. 

Sponge candy is a classic gift for any Buffalonian, and there are several places you can go for that sweet treat!

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There’s one thing you should know, though, when you’re shopping for candy this Easter season: use a shopping basket or a shopping bag to hold your candy while you shop. 

You should prepare to shop at a candy store as if it were a Wegmans or a Tops, instead of trying to carry a chocolate bunny here, and a sponge candy box there, because your natural body heat will cause the chocolates to change their mold and melt to the shape of…well, you. 

And while your friends and family may love you, they probably don’t want to see your handprint on the back end of your chocolate bunny. “No bunny” would want that.

Have a “Hoppy Easter!” and don’t forget the bag, otherwise you’ll be out of “clucks.” 

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