You might remember last year around this time Fisher-Price released a collector set of Buffalo Bills themed Little People toys.  Well...they're back with a new set.

People went crazy over the last set.  They were collector sets that included "Little People" characters that resembled coach Sean McDermott, Josh Allen, and even a couple members of Bills Mafia (one of which had a foam chicken wing on his head).  The proceeds went to a good cause too!

100% of the proceeds from each set was meant to go to The Children’s Hospital of Buffalo Foundation for the John R. Oishei Children's Hospital.

They were sold exclusively at Wegman's stores.  As you can probably imagine, they went very quickly.  So much so that sadly some people were buying them up and selling them at a much higher price online.  As it is right now, there are still people trying to sell sets for $65-$70.

This year, it looks as though they're back again with a brand new set.  This time two of your favorites are back with Sean McDermott and Josh Allen both being represented, but there's a new addition to the group now.  This year we get #14 - Stephon Diggs in the pack too.

The three Bills come as a set and are even set in a snow globe in the packaging.

Unfortunately there is no word on when the public will be able to get their hands on them yet.  That tweet is a screen shot from Eric Wood's story mentioning that they're back.

We will have to keep an eye out at Wegmans, because we know this set will go quickly too!

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