Western New York has been on a flood watch this week with the combination of expecting warmer temperatures and lots of rain. With the warmer temperatures, the snow banks around the area have started to melt, causing quite the problem on the roads this morning. 

If you live in the Gasport / Middleport / Medina area, something to be aware of is Route 31 in Middleport is experiencing a lot of flooding. Anthony was on his drive in, and he reported to WYRK that he had to slow down to just a few miles per hour to get through that portion of his commute. 

That’s only one of the problem areas this morning. However, there is one intersection that is absolutely terrible…more so because you can’t really see how deep the water is as you are driving towards the 33 to head towards downtown Buffalo. 

This trouble spot has been affecting commutes on Friday morning for Western New York drivers. It is so bad over there, your car becomes temporarily submerged attempting to merge on this main line. 

At the intersection of Dick Rd. and Genesee St., the water is significantly deep. In fact, on my drive this morning, you can see how high the water comes up on the car. 

The video was taken around 4:30 AM on Friday, and the water levels have continued to rise since then. 

WGRZ TrafficTracker is publishing updates throughout the morning, and here are the latest reports:

If you can’t drive through the water, it’s better to turn around. Trust me, you do not want a flooded vehicle. They become temperamental to deal with, and then you have to contact insurance to try and fix it. 

It’s better to be a few minutes late to wherever you are going and play it safe, instead of being on time and ruining your car forever.

As someone who once had a flooded vehicle, trust me. You don’t want to deal with those consequences. 

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