They're back! Girl Scout Cookies are seemingly everyone's favorites and it's always a welcome sight when they show up in the offices at work.

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But according to WIVB, one variety of Girl Scout Cookie will leave permanently after this selling season.

The "Thanks-a-Lot" cookie, which is shortbread and chocolate (typing that makes me wants some now) will be gone after this selling season, which officially starts on January 11th.

The good news is that the chief executive officer says there will be something to look forward to next year though.

But the other classics are returning. The Thin Mint, Caramel DeLites and Lemonades to name a few.

New this year is the "Girl Scout Cookie Finder" to find a booth near you to buy some boxes. You can also now pay in credit card!

The Girl Scout Cookie season officially starts this Saturday, January 11th, so be on the lookout!

Read the full story at WIVB.

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