The new Apple iPhone is out and tons of people have rushed to get their hands on it, but what do we do with the old phones? I don’t know about you, but my old phones land in a junk draw at my house.  I always say, next time I get a new cell I should sell or donate my old phone.  If you want to make a little cash on your old phone here some places where you can get pretty good price for it.


On average the iPhone 4 is going for three hundred to four hundred dollars.  You take your chances when posting your phone and then wait for the highest bidder.


They were offering Amazon gift certificates in exchange for your phone.  If you want cash now this could be the attractive deal for you.


This is a little more work because you’ll have to comb through spammers, scammers, and people with awful email etiquette. But if your phone has taken a beating, this is a good way to unload it for a few dollars.