It's pretty common. If you are mulching and not bagging your grass when you mow your lawn, you are likely to be blowing the grass onto the sidewalk and the street. Is it illegal if you don't clean up your grass clippings when they end up on the sidewalk and in the street?

The answer is yes.

In Batavia, the law clearly states that you are not allowed to blow your grass clippings into the street: “No person shall sweep, throw or deposit or cause to be swept, thrown or deposited any ashes, dirt, stone, brick, leaves, grass, weeds or any other debris … into any public place or upon any private property without the owner's permission within the city.”

The punishment for someone is being fined $250 and can face imprisonment. When the grass clippings get wet, that is when they are most dangerous, especially for motorcyclists.

When it comes to New York State, it is more of a generic answer about whether or not grass clippings are illegal, stating that hazardous things on the road are illegal.

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