Thunderstorms and rain showers were present all day on Tuesday over Western New York and much of the northeast, as outskirts of Tropical Storm Isaias came through.

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On Tuesday evening, a few people were able to capture something that is rarely seen on Lake Erie, especially so vividly...a waterspout!

Check out this video that a viewer of Andrew Baglini of WIVB. This was taken near Dunkirk beach.

That's not all, it was also spotted by others.

Earlier on Tuesday, there was rotation spotted on radar that would be perfect for a waterspout happening over Lake Erie.

This is essentially a non-supercell tornado over Lake Erie. The video is so cool to watch. It might be a standard thing in weather to happen, but when captured so perfectly like the above video, it's captivating.

Did anyone see this on Tuesday? Let us know!

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