Here's a piece of landscaping advice a lot of us follow -- but should we?

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If you think that watering your lawn or plants while it's sunny out will cause the plants to scorch -- we've heard this too -- it turns out we've been wrong all this time.

There's good reasons to water when the sun isn't at its strongest -- more water gets absorbed by the soil and less will evaporate, making your watering efforts more effective.

But, watering when it's sunny won't burn your plants.

According to the BBC, "The idea that water would act like a magnifying glass and scold a plant is simply not true."

That said, when is the best time to water during a heatwave? Should you water at night, when less will evaporate, but might make your plants vulnerable to disease?

According to The Conversation, during a drought, you should never water during full sun, because so much moisture will be lost to evaporation, making it the least "water-efficient" time to water your plants.

Even if your lawn dries out, it will come back with moisture, though The Conversation cautions:

"Avoid excessive walking on a brown lawn or you will end up with bald patches – this is because the combination of drought and heavy wear are just too much for your lawn to handle."

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