A portion of Bills Mafia wants to hate on Jason Kelce after his viral shirtless appearance at Sunday night’s Buffalo Bills game, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. 

Kelce, who reports say has decided to retire from the NFL after 12 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, was seen in full Bills-game glory. He did all of the things that a typical Bills fan would do - he tailgated in the parking lot before the game, he took a bowling ball shot, and he raged without a shirt in the freezing cold. The guy has a Labatt Blue in his hand, come on! That’s like the official “unofficial” beer of Buffalo. 

To me, he seems like one of us. There’s only one problem.

Kelce was raging for the enemy, rooting on his younger brother Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs, who ended up overtaking the Bills in a heartbreaking 27-24 loss. 

Even still, he seemed to embody what Bills Mafia fans is all about. But that’s not the only reason why I think he deserves our admiration. A picture of Kelce climbing out of the suite and into the stands is going viral, and now we know what the All-Star safety was up to.

Jason Kelce climbing out of stands at Bills Game
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Wait Until You See What Jason Kelce Did For A Bills Fan

There were thousands of excited fans packed into Highmark Stadium on Sunday night, and if cameras were focused on them instead of a particular suite, they may have spotted this one. 

Young Bills Taylor Swift Fan 3

This adorable girl, Ella Piazza from Rochester, New York, who is clearly both a massive Buffalo Bills fan and a Swiftie (yes, queen!), attended her first Bills game with her heart set on meeting Taylor Swift. 

Of course, that was a long shot - Taylor had security out the wazoo at the game (and everywhere she goes) so that would have been nearly impossible, not to mention that Ella and her mom, Jessica, had seats on the other side of the stadium from where Taylor and her entourage, including Jason Kelce, were seated in their suite.

As luck would have it, Ella's mom knew someone who was sitting in the section right in front of Taylor, and was willing to switch seats at halftime so she could be closer to the pop superstar.

Young Bills Taylor Swift Fan

After her fellow Bills fans spotted her sweet sign, they started chanting to Kelce, who was having a blast interacting with the fans (who could forget those classic pictures). Then, Kelce saw her sign, and that's when things started happening for Ella.

Kelce Helps This Little Bills Fan Meet Taylor Swift

When he saw Ella's sign that read “BUFFALO BILLS + TAYLOR SWIFT; BEST FIRST GAME EVER!!”, Jason Kelce apparently hopped out of the suite into the stands to scoop up the little Bills fan so she could wave to her idol.

Ella later told Rochester's 13WHAM that Taylor gave her a big smile and a wave, sending the little girl bursting into happy tears.

Afterwards, Ella's mom posted on Facebook that she and her daughter are now “lifelong fans of Jason Kelce,” and honestly, we think we are too.

You need to watch the sweet video below:

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Good luck hating on Jason Kelce after that, Bills fans! I'm telling you - he is one of us.

(Just for the wrong team.)

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