A Kansas City journalist has decided to avoid Bills Mafia after calling them out along with their quarterback Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, a tweet went out that contained a video of Josh Allen and his girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld.  In the video, Josh Allen can be seen in the very beginning darting from a car into a building.  Shortly after you can see his girlfriend being helped out of the car by a friend before taking a picture with a fan and then following the Bills quarterback.

The journalist who tweeted the video ranted in another series of tweets about how she was appalled that Allen would treat his girlfriend that way and asked how anyone could blame Stefon Diggs for wanting out of Buffalo if Allen treats people this way.

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The video was just a couple of seconds long.  But in those couple of seconds, she not only determined that Josh Allen was a bad boyfriend but also assumed that Stefon Diggs wanted out of Buffalo because Josh Allen was there.

I would share that tweet with you here but unfortunately, it's not available anymore.

Shortly after posting the tweet and going on a long tirade about how trashy Buffalo Bills fans are, she changed her profile from one that was public to a private profile with protected tweets that you cannot see unless you're approved by her.

I hope that the reason she went private with her profile isn't because of threats from Bills Mafia.  That's not cool.  I don't condone that at all.  No one deserves to be threatened online because of their opinions. It's ok to disagree but threats are over the line.

However, what is also over the line is judging someone's entire relationship from one short clip without any context.  As it turns out, the reason Josh Allen had to dash into the hotel was because he had ripped his pants and didn't want to hang out taking pictures while his backside was exposed.

Also, there have been plenty more videos of him helping her out of the car like a gentleman.

It's fair to say that we don't know what Josh is like behind closed doors.  I hope that he's the good guy that he appears to be.  I certainly won't support someone who doesn't treat others well.  But until we can say we've seen that we're also not going to drag him through the mud because he had to rush out of the view of cameras with ripped pants.

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