This is absolutely awesome.

There is a real kangaroo that will actually go to your house, ring your doorbell and deliver your lover a Valentine and a box of chocolate. Why would anyone not do this? Your wife or girlfriend will love it and she will be talking about it for years and years to come.

Meet Gumball.

He is a kangaroo who will come to your house if you are in the Buffalo area. Gumball is the kangaroo from Niagara Downunder who will be arriving at your front doorstep so your Valentine can hang out with Gumball, give him some snuggles, and take some pictures. Oh yeah, Gumball will have your customized Valentine's Day message and a box of chocolate "in hand" as well.

Niagara Downunder is taking bookings for their Valentine's Day promotion starting this coming Thursday, February 10, 2022 and will go through Monday, Valentine's Day. How much does it cost for the promotion and to get the kangaroo to your house? It is $150 and will allow you for 15 minutes of snuggling Gumball and taking all of the pictures and videos that you want!

If you want to book an appointment you can email or go right online to their Facebook page and book your appointment right there. When looking on Facebook there is a button labeled 'Book Appointment' on the far left side of the page. When you go to the booking page, you will also see some other options you can take advantage of for all of your kangaroo-lovin'-needs. You can have a 2 hour meet and greet session with a joey. Depending on your desired time during the week, it will vary in price.

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