Rookie wide receiver Keon Coleman has designed his very own shoes and people are completely torn on them.

It used to be a huge deal when an athlete would develop their own sneaker.  One of the most popular to ever do it was Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan.  They're still making his shoes, and they're probably bigger than ever.

Recently they unveiled a new sneaker that has Buffalo Bills' wide receiver Keon Coleman's name on them.  They're called the "Nike Dunk Low Unlocked By Keon Coleman."  Click here for their official description.

They're low-top sneakers that are inspired by all kinds of animals like cheetahs, tigers, and crocodiles.  They've got a 90's inspired color pallette and are mostly decked out in camouflage.  However, if you don't like how they look, not only can they be customized to your liking, they can be customized independently.  So the left and the right shoe can look completely different.

They aren't cheap shoes for sure.  They cost $160 per pair and if you're looking to have them in time for school, you're going to need to order them as soon as possible.  It says that each pair is custom-made and will be delivered to you in about 4 weeks.

The comments on the shoe are all over the place.  People either love them or they hate them.  But, the coolest part about these sneakers is that they're completely customizable.  Don't like the color of the tongue? You can change it.  Want a different color on the sole?  You can change it.  I played around with it for a little bit and after customizing the 19 different options, I had a perfectly "Buffalo Bills" style shoe.

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