Mother Nature sure is powerful and those of us who grew up in Buffalo know how quickly things can change. The mighty winds over Lake Erie forced a weather event that only happens once in awhile.

According to the National Weather Service, the water levels on Lake Erie were surging overnight near Buffalo. The wind pushes the water from the Cleveland/Erie PA area to the Western New York area and it splashes up along the roads that run along the shores.

As of early Thursday morning, the wind was the major issue in the City of Buffalo. However, Erie County is prepared for the lake effect snow to start to arrive and park over the majority of the county for most of the day. Forecasts call for more than a foot of snow before it is over on Friday. Schools are closed throughout the area and many businesses have adjusted their schedules as we wait to see what Mother Nature will bring with the powerful wind that has been slapping the water on the Great Lakes for most of this week.

The National Weather Service in Buffalo has warnings and watches posted through Friday. Be prepared for dangerous driving conditions and whiteout along north-south routes.

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